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"All Natural" Golden Chicken Nuggets
"All Natural" Golden Chicken Nuggets
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Name: "All Natural" Golden Chicken Nuggets (Bell & Evans)




Weight/Size: 10 servings per box


Owner Comments: Bell and Evans chickens are raised on a vegetable diet with no hormones or antibiotics. Easy to cook and the kids love them, just one problem keep away from dads because they eat them like candy. Great in salads.”


General Information: If someone in your family (especially your children) has allergies to wheat and gluten (gluten intolerance), Bell and Evans nuggets are “all natural” – 100% allergen and gluten free. All nuggets are frozen, breaded and ready for you to cook instantly. In every box, you can be assured that there are only natural ingredients – no chemical additives or preservatives. At Bell & Evans, chickens are raised in Pennsylvania without antibiotics. They also make Gluten Free Chicken Breast Nuggets and Gluten Free Chicken Breast Tenders. After two years of product development, Bell and Evans have created a strict diet of grains, vitamins and minerals for these chickens and thus their nuggets never contain any animal by-products. They are lightly breaded with rice flour and yellow corn flour to bring out the natural chicken flavour and are fried with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. Ideal cooking conditions is either in an oven or pan fry with vegetable oil. Microwaving is not recommended. Note these chicken nuggets do contain eggs.


Other Names for the Bell & Evans "All Natural" Golden Chicken Nuggets: Breaded Chicken Nuggets, Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets, All Natural Chicken Nuggets, BellandEvans, Bells and Evan


Order Bell & Evans "All Natural" Golden Chicken Nuggets online today, simply put, these are the perfect natural and organic chicken nuggets that will keep you coming back to buy more!

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