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Chicken Wellington
Chicken Wellington
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Owner Comments: “A pure white skinless and boneless chicken breast, seared in herbed butter, sprinkled with sherry wine, topped with a fresh mushroom Duxelle and hand wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. Irresistibly Delicious!”


General Information: What is chicken wellington you ask? Chicken Wellington is marinated chicken breast stuffed in puff pastry, generally topped with a creamy sauce. Sauces vary from creamy mushroom to gravy to Hollandaise Sauce. Chicken Welingtons are often served as appetisers at banquets and conferences. This tasteful delight often sided with mushroom duxelle of baby portabella mushrooms, sage or roasted garlic on the side. Chicken Wellingon is wrapped in a flaky crust and quite often laid on a bed of long grain rice. It is not recommended to use raw chicken to create chicken pastry as there it will take sufficient time to cook the chicken and the pastry simultaneously. It is recommended to use pre-prepared chilled cooked chicken or a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. Frozen puff pastry purchased from the supermarket is ideal for an eye-pleasing and mouth-watering presentation. Other stuffing ingredients include mushrooms, sweet onions, cream Camembert cheese, sweet steamed vegetables and herbs. Chicken wellingtons are a much-easier-to-prepare version of the traditional Beef Wellington. You may choose to top the Chicken Wellington with a mushroom mixture and a slice of gruyere cheese before wrapping it in the puff pastry and also stir it in with parsley. More exquisite chicken puff pastry is stuffed with a unique blend of goose and duck liver pate and delicate black truffles.


Other Names for the Chicken Wellington: Chicken pastries, Chicken Welingtons, Puff Pastry Wrapped Chicken, Chicken Wellingdon, Mini Chicken Pastries,


Order Chicken Wellington online today, a simple delight which will create a taste sensation you won't forget!

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