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Mini Beef Wellington
Mini Beef Wellington
Price: $45.00
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Name: Mini Beef Wellington

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Weight/Size: Large, Bite Size

Owner Comments: "Tender pieces of Choice beef tenderloin sautéed with herbs and sprinkled with dry sherry. Placed into a flaky puff pastry with mushroom Duxelle.  This product and the Brie-Raspberry puff pastry are out two most popular items."

General Information:  Mini Beef Wellington can be a suitable entrée, nibble bite item for guests or as a dinner party miniatures. It is often served as an entrée menu at weddings. The pastry provides much flexibility in what you want to put in as the filling. Often the duxelles (mushroom mixture) is mixed with smaller pieces of meat or seafood and served with demiglace and Madeira sauces. The traditional sauce for beef in a crust is Périgueux (Madeira and truffle). It is also often coated with pâté or pâté de foie gras for a more sour taste. At your local restaurant or café, the prices of beef wellington can be quite expensive for single servings. The quality of pastries can vary, which may differ the puff texture of the Mini Beef Wellington. The Mini Beef Wellington is a scrumptious option for any afternoon treat.

Other Names for Mini Beef Wellington: Mini Beef Wellingtons, Individual Beef Wellington, Mushroom Beef Wellington

Buy Mini Beef Wellington today, the easiest and most scrumptious beef puff pastry online!

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