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South African Lobster Tails
South African Lobster Tails
Price: $49.00
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Name: South African Lobster Tails


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Weight/Size: 7-8 ounces per lobster tail


Owner Comments:  “Surf and Turf Gourmet's South African Lobster Tails come from the deep, cold waters of South Africa giving you a sweet and tender lobster tail.”


General Information:  South African Lobster Tails are a wonderful seafood option for lunches and dinners. Also known as "Tristan" Lobster Tails, South African lobster tails have an extraordinarily sweet succulent taste and texture. Sourced from Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic, one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, the incredible sweetness of the South African Lobster Tails is sure to please anyone's palate. The frozen lobster tails contain an exotic, sweet & velvety smooth meat. The cold waters provide the perfect setting for some of the best tasting lobster tails from the South African Tristan waters. South African lobsters' tails are cold-water lobsters, which are said to have a better taste than warm-water lobsters. Other cold-water lobster tails are found in areas such as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Cold water tails tend to have whiter meat as they grow more slowly than warmer waters. You can prepare the lobster by sprinkling spices and herbs over its succulent meat or drizzle the lobster tail with the marinade. South African lobster tails are ideal for being stuffed – this is great for meals and barbecues in the summer and winter. When you order and purchase South African lobster tails,their shells are naturally orange-red in color.


Other Names for the South African lobster: Tristan lobster tails, South Africa lobster,


Order South African lobster tails online today, superior flavour lobster that will keep you coming back to buy more!



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